Monthly Archives: April 2015


This is my new blog. Turning a brand new leaf in writing. What happened to my old blogs? Oh, they still exist. I just feel like now I want to write whatever I like. On my last blog before this, I thought too much before writing. If I write this, is it useful, is it meaningful, is it proper topic for people to read, is it too lame, is it bla bla bla.. That lately, my writings mostly ended in drafts only, never posted. While what I’ve been posting, after I re-read it, just too lame. Too… well, I don’t know how to describe it. Long story short, I better make another brand new blog, I just wanna write whatever I want to write, whatever I enjoy, whatever in my mind. Not really care about other aspects.

Maybe, I’ll just start by telling who I am. My name is Hanifah. Currently 27 but soon to be 28 years old. Born in Jakarta, went to college in Bandung, then got married in 25 years old and lives with my husband in Samarinda. Blessed with a very active toddler girl named Kaira, currently 22 months old. Now I am a Stay At Home Mother (SAHM). I used to work in a company where I met my husband, but then I quit, to focus on raising my child. About other things about me, I guess I’ll write more in other posts. See ya!