Monthly Archives: June 2015

Coming Soon 28

My 28th birthday is coming. I think I no longer feel very much excited with my own birthday since my 26th birthday. Anybody in the same shoes with me? Haha. It almost feels like your 20th birthday, recognizing you were no longer a teenager, but this time it feels worse. At least, people still consider you are young at twenty, right? When you’re thirty something, you’re not old yet but not also quite young. To make me feel much better, I think I’m gonna set a lifetime goal. I have to look much younger no matter how old I am! Thanks God, some people still think that my 2 year old daughter were my younger sister, hahaha.. Those people who thought so never fails making my day 😀


Good Friends Share Good Readings


My friend, currently staying in the Aussie for his double-degree study, gave me this book as he went back to Indonesia a few months ago. We had not met since 2012, but we still occasionally do texting each other. And of course it feels good to have a friend who still have some thought to give you something nice no matter how rare we meet up. We used to spend hours on phone talking, usually we talked so he could practice his english speech, other times we just talked about his love life, hahaha.. We know each other because he used to date one of my best friends, and we instantly became close for our many similarities. We are both cheap people, hahaha.. We define ‘cheap’ here as how easy we are being asked hanging out by people, anywhere, anytime.. I kinda miss those old times actually. I’m grateful for this nice gesture you just did. Thank you for the book..