Two Thousand and Seventeen

I’m not sure how I’m gonna face this year. Since in this year, in about 7 months more, I will be officially 30. Thirty! Ten years ago, I freaked out that I was no longer teenager and now suddenly it’s 10 years later??? How did time fly so fast? I am a mother of two, yet I still can’t accept the fact that I’m gonna be thirty, hahaha.. And my mind has been racing that 10 years more then I’ll be 40 😣.. 

Okay, so now I have to stop worrying about my age. Getting old is something people must accept, whether they want to or not (#talktomyself). Now I must really do useful things and not wasting more times. If I want to live long, then I must live healthy, right? So, starting this year, my family and I will live healthier. Is that my 2017 resolution? Absolutely. In this year, I’ll do something productive too. No matter how small I’ll earn, I have to be a productive woman and mother. I promise I’ll also be a better mother for my children. I’ll educate them as best as I could. And pray to God, that this year will be much better than last year for me.


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